Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hey Everyone!...I'm Sharon, the owner of Farm Weddings Blog and I want to welcome all of you to my blog and inspiration board.  The purpose of this blog is to share with all of you my love of farm weddings and their rustic beauty and romance.  I am a wife and mother of four beautiful children.  I live and work in the city.  Six years ago my husband decided he wanted to buy a property in the country.  Being a city girl, I was hesitant at first but I went along for the ride (literally; a three and a half hour ride) and today we have a beautiful farmhouse on 125 acres in the country.  My initial hesitation slowly became interest.  That interest quickly became discovery.  That discovery lured me in and unfolded into love. The country is nature, peace, freedom, warmth, creativity and love.  My growing love affair of the countryside is becoming an intricate part of my life's journey.  Throughout this blog you will come to know more about me and my love affair.  As most true love affairs eventually lead to wedding bells, so has this one.  My discovery of the charm, romance and natural beauty of the country has led to my passion for country weddings and to this blog.  I hope that you are inspired by Farm Weddings Blog and that you experience the lure of the countryside and the magnificence of a country wedding as " I do!"

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